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Hi there! I'm 2020 graduate of Columbus College of Art & Design, current Wildlife Resources Management student at Hocking College (2024), and freelance wildlife, conservation, and animal rights photographer roughly three years into shifting gears from using my camera to simply make an aesthetically pleasing image, to making photos to educate viewers on subject matter they may not traditionally encounter because we can't feel strongly about what we haven't been exposed to; we can't invest ourselves in the survival of the federally endangered Karner Blue butterfly or the suffering of a dairy cow if we aren't first made aware of their existence. It's my hope that viewers will leave my work feeling affected enough to engage in personal change, like abstaining from animal products for the sake of farm animals, the environment, and their own health.

I make my bed in Columbus, Ohio at the moment, but my adventure-loving spirit is prepared to take me anywhere and everywhere. I stay true to reality with minimal post-processing in the form of minor exposure adjustments to protect the integrity of the subject and preserve the trust of my viewers.

Oh, and I write fiction, too!



Groveport, OH Town Hall June 2016 art gallery

Grange Insurance Audubon Center Migration Mania 2019 gallery


Botticelli Issue 10

614 Magazine August 2019

614 Now


Honorable Mention in the 2016 Scholastic Art and Writing Competition    


Honorable Mention in the 2016 Best of College and High School Photography Contest

2018 Tamron Fall Student Showcase finalist

2019 Tamron Spring Student Showcase finalist

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